• Ben Uri was founded by Lazar Berson, an émigré Russian artist, in 1915 in Whitechapel in London. It originally was...

    Ben Uri was founded by Lazar Berson, an émigré Russian artist, in 1915 in Whitechapel in London. It originally was an art venue for Jewish immigrant artists who were unable to gain access to mainstream art societies at that time, due to the social discrimination and obstacles faced by migrant communities. 


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    A registered charity as well as a museum, Ben Uri was the cornerstone of the Jewish community’s cultural activity until the late 1970s. Ben Uri Art Society, as it was then, lost its gallery in 1995 when the synagogue building, in which it was housed, was sold. 

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    A new Board of Trustees was elected in October 2000, led by current Executive Chair, David Glasser, to deliver a radical strategy to reshape and reposition the institution. The charity/museum was relaunched in 2001 by the new Board, with a new name, Ben Uri Gallery and Museum.  It rented its current temporary gallery in St. John’s Wood in June 2002. It was seen as a  ‘start up’ museum, piloting its way into the centre of Britain’s mainstream arena. 

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    Since 2001, Ben Uri has curated some 100 exhibitions, toured to 25 different cities across 3 continents, published over 40 books and catalogues which have been distributed nationally and internationally. Ben Uri has produced over 100 short films. Its scholarship on Jewish and immigrant artists is recognised internationally. Ben Uri has also pioneered a new approach to using art differently through its Arts and Dementia programming within its Arts and Health Institute. Working with universities, the content and structure are the result of research and evaluation. The objective is to upscale and establish a new national standard for art interventions.



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