EXPLORE and PARTNER the Ben Uri Exhibition and Collection Loan Programme - both physical and digital



28 TOURING EXHIBITIONS including our new current presentation Becoming Gustav Metzger, Uncovering the Early Years 1945-59

100 PRE-EMINENT COLLECTION WORKS including Auerbach, Bomberg, Chagall, Epstein, Gertler, Herman, Kossoff, Pissarro, Rosenberg, Schwitters and Soutine

750 CORE COLLECTION WORKS showcasing the rich and diverse Jewish and immigrant contribution to British art since 1900


All artworks and exhibitions can be presented physically or as reproductions or as a mix of both to circumvent insurance or security obstacles



40+ ONLINE EXHIBITIONS – 3D and classic presentations as part of a bespoke digital package from benuri.org



All loan fees reduced or paused until the end of this year as Ben Uri’s contribution to the sector’s recovery

Please see Museum to Museum section at benuri.org for full details or the Touring Exhibition Group at teg.org.uk and email interest to admin@benuri.org with the subject line: ‘BU Exhibition & Collection Loans’




Ben Uri Collection and Exhibition Loan Programme

Ben Uri has long been committed to touring its exhibitions (to some 30 cities across 3 continents) and sharing its collection with colleague institutions across the UK and abroad.

Physical: We currently have 28 exhibitions, including our current presentation, Becoming Gustav Metzger, Uncovering the Early Years 1945-59, on the Touring Exhibitions Group website (http://teg.org.uk), which are available for tour with the original artworks, or for those colleague institutions where security and insurance costs are problematic, we are happy to discuss reproductions. Post-pandemic, our loan fees are greatly negotiable given all the sector's need for recovery, principally stimulated by attracting returning and new visitors to our galleries and online. The full list is detailed below but for full details please see http://teg.org.uk and email your interest to admin@benuri.org with the Subject line 'BU Exhibition Loans'


This is a new venture for the programme, emerging from the success of our current 40+ exhibition presentations in 3D and Classic format on Benuri.org  We are very happy to share these exhibitions with colleagues as part of your digital engagement. We currently generate over 100 times as many digital engagements than physical. Please review on the Exhibition pages of this website (benuri.org) and email your interest to admin@benuri.org with the Subject line being 'BU Virtual Exhibition Loans'

We have two principal museum collections: Pre-eminent (some 100 art works) and Core (some 750 art works) and all are fully digitised with full artist biographies and both are searchable across many fields including country of birth. The collection is rich in quality and diversity reflecting and exploring the Jewish and immigrant contribution to British visual art since 1900. Highlights include fine examples by Auerbach, Bomberg, Epstein, Gertler, Herman, Kossoff, Pissarro, Rosenberg, Schwitters and Wolmark alongside European-base  émigrés including Chagall and Soutine. All works, unless committed for Ben Uri exhibitions or agreed loans, are available to enhance colleague institutions' exhibitions and displays. In this post-pandemic period.  Please review on the Collection pages and email your interest to admin@benuri.org with the Subject line ' BU Collection Loans'.

Physical Exhibitions available:
Becoming Gustav Metzger, Uncovering the Early Years 1945-59
Out of ChaosBen Uri - 100 Years in London
Frank Auerbach: oils, watercolours and etchings from the Ben Uri Collection
Liberators : Women Artists from the Ben Uri Collection
A Century of Polish Artists in Britain
Jacob Kramer:  from Leeds to Whitechapel
David Bomberg: A Pioneer of Modernism
Mark Gertler: Paintings from the Luke Gertler Bequest
Chaim Soutine and his contemporaries: from Russia to Paris
Jankel Adler: A "Degenerate" Artist in Britain , 1940-49
Out of Austria: Austrian artists in exile in Britain 1933-45
Czech Routes to Britain: Czech emigre artists working in the UK
Alfred Wolmark: A Pioneer of British Modernism
Emmanuel Levy: A Manchester Artist
German Refugee Artists to Britain since 1900
Yalta 1945: An installation of 31 panels by Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid
Josef Herman: Poland, Belgium, Scotland and Wales
Finchleystrasse: German emigre artists to Britain 1933-45
Art and the Holocaust
Bernard Meninsky: From Liverpool to Whitechapel
Biblical Stories: photographs by Adi Nes
The Jew in Prayer by Alfred Wolmark
Art-Exit: 1939 A Very different Europe
A Farewell to Art: Chagall, Shakespeare and Prospero
Eva Frankfurther: A Life in Art
Frank Auerbach: 7 Portrait Etchings from 1989-1990

Digital Exhibitions available:
Please see Exhibition pages on Benuri.org

Collection available:
Please see Collections pages on Benuri.org