Explore new and past published essays, articles and catalogues on the Jewish and immigrant artistic contribution since 1900


We are dedicated to recording this contribution and building an extensive digital library to compliment our database shared here under ‘Ben Uri Research Unit'.

This department publishes new, recent and archival critiques on these artists be they essays, reviews and exhibition catalogues from Ben Uri and other centres of scholarship. The basis of reproduction is intended to be within the context of Fair Dealing as its purpose is strictly to support non-commercial research and private study; text and data mining for non-commercial research; criticism and review; and teaching. We have made definitive effort to inform all parties and thank all authors, publishers and copyright holders with whom we have been able to share this important initiative for their understanding and support. Should any party not have been contacted wish to engage please alert us through our Contact Us page.

We plan to build this unique academic resource to include many hundreds of essays, articles and catalogues published since 1900 to facilitate research and encourage general interest in the Jewish and immigrant contribution to British visual culture since 1900.


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