This video is in memory of Gustav Metzger, and celebrates the decision he made in November 2010, to retrieve all the paintings, drawings and other material which had been kept for him by my mother, Johanna Metzger Lichtenstern, who was Gustav’s second cousin. The works had been stored in her garage loft since 1965.


The video attempts to capture some of the anticipation, excitement and amazement felt by all who witnessed the gradual appearance of such an unexpectedly large quantity of works.


As more and more items were brought down from the loft, Gustav was not only much moved at being reunited with his works, but, as he described it, he was, “Totally astonished at the volume and the variety and the condition of these works which I have not seen since the year 1965, to the best of my knowledge.”


(David Lichtenstern, August 2021)