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Below is our policy on privacy, data protection and use of cookies.


Ben Uri’s Privacy and data protection

Ben Uri follows the regulations detailed in the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation Act which replaces the Data Protection Act.

Your name, contact details and email address is kept securely and is never shared with or sold to any third party. Should you pay by card for any goods or services via our website the transaction is through Paypal and if at the gallery through our shop card machine your card records are not kept or stored for future use. 

By contacting Ben Uri or signing in at the gallery you are agreeing to our saving your contact details to add to our newsletter emails which are sent out to keep you informed of our events and openings.

This information covers how we collect information about you and what we do with this information. You can also find information about the cookies we use.


1. Your rights under UK and EU data protection legislation

The Board of Ben Uri are the data controllers of your information under the Data Protection Act 1998. All Ben Uri staff and representatives must be aware and comply with the Data Protection Act 1988 and/or guidance from the Information Commission when they collect or handle data about an individual.


2. Types of data we collect

We will only collect information that is needed to help us carry out the legitimate purposes of our work. We will always ask you for permission to collect any information about you and explain how we will use the data that you supply to us. We will not pass unauthorised information to any third parties without your consent.

Please be aware that you will be required to provide information when using services such as Paypal, to order books from Ben Uri, to become a Friend of Ben Uri, and when using Just Giving to make a donation to Ben Uri. The information that you provide when using these services will not be used without your consent. You can find out more about how third party providers protect your information by going to their website.

You can contact us to amend or remove any data you send to us. To request the deactivation of your account, please contact us stating your request, your name, user name, email address and telephone number. We will respond in a timely manner.


3. How we will use your data/information

We will only use the information you provide to us to improve the services that we offer to you or to deliver goods and services that you have ordered through Ben Uri.


3.1 Third party use of data

If we pass data to a third party, we will only do so with your consent and we will ensure that a written contract is in place that states that the agent must adhere to the Data Protection Act. We will ensue security measures are in place that protect the information transferred.

If we receive requests for data based on a legal requirement such as from the police, we will ask, if possible, for requests to be put in writing, before data is disclosed.


4. Opting out of our mailing list

You may opt out of receiving our marketing materials by emailing Ben Uri with the word ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ in the subject field. Alternatively, please contact us and ask to be taken off our mailing list.


5. Storing and protecting information about you

Ben Uri will ensure that we store all personal data in a secure and safe manner and that all Ben Uri staff, contractors and representatives will be responsible for ensuring the safety of all data.

5.1 We will ensure that all manual files and databases will be kept up-to-date and will have an agreed archiving policy. We will check and keep regular maintenance of this data and discard data when necessary.

5.2 We will ensure that employees and representatives protect individuals’ data from accidental disclosure and that they know they have a legal duty to ensure they do not:

5.2.1 give passwords to other people, who will then have access to the data

5.2.2 recycle reports that contain personal data

5.2.3 leave data in a public place or that is easily accessed by unauthorised personnel, for example left about on laptops or in files either in or out of the office, where they can be accessed.


6. General use of cookies

Cookies are bits of data/information that we store on your computer when you use our website. We only use cookies to make it easier for you to use our services such as improving the browsing experience of our website. Please note: The Ben Uri website will work more efficiently if cookies are enabled, so please be aware that disabling cookies may negatively impact your experience of using our site.


a. Ben Uri uses Google Analytics cookies

Ben Uri uses Google Analytical cookies, which collect data on the number of users and visitors we have to our website as well as Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. We collect information about our visitors so we can find out what our users like, which helps us develop new and better-focused products and services. This information does not reveal any personal information about users. Find out more about Google Analytics cookiesGoogle Analytics provides an opt-out browser addon. Find out how you can opt out of browser ads related to your interests, previous visits to other websites or demographic details.


b. Other third party cookies

Please note that third party cookies will be needed when using services on Ben Uri such as ordering publications, viewing You Tube videos or making an online donation through Just Giving. Ben Uri does not control the use of cookies on any third party websites that we link to or partner with. For instance social media, payment and sharing websites including Paypal, Just Giving, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr will use cookies. You should read their cookie policy to find out about these.


c. How to change your cookie settings

Most cookies are harmless and aid your web browsing experience, but if you wish to switch these off, or be told when a cookie is being sent to you, go to the settings or tools on your browser. 

Cookies help us improve the usability of our websites, enable you to register for services and just to keep the site working as it should. However, if you would like to turn them off you can do so by changing your internet browser options or preferences.

Turn cookies off using your Browser tool bar:

  • Firefox - cookie settings in Firefox are managed in Tools: Options: Privacy. For more information please read the Cookie settings in Firefox help guide:
  • Internet Explorer - cookie settings in Internet Explorer are managed in Tools: Options: Security. For more information please read Cookie settings in Internet Explorer or select Help and then Cookies from your browser tool bar
  • Chrome - cookie settings in Chrome are managed by selecting the wrench icon on the browser toolbar and then Settings: Advanced settings: Content settings in the Privacy section: Cookies. For more information please read Cookie settings in Chrome
  • Safari -cookie settings in Safari are managed in Preferences: Security. For more information please read Cookie settings in Safari

With cookies disabled, most information web pages will continue to work but you would not be able to  set any preference for accessibility nor using our online store.


d. More about cookies

Read further information on the use of cookies. on the All about cookies website.


7. Links to other websites

There may be links to other websites from that are outside our control and are not covered by this privacy notice. Once you leave our website we cannot be responsible for your experience on another site, and you should be aware that these websites will operate their own terms and conditions, privacy policy, use of cookies, etc., so you should always check.

For instance you can find out more about how payment service Paypal.


8. Changes to this privacy notice

Ben Uri’s latest privacy notice will always appear on this page as Ben Uri’s ‘Privacy and cookie policy’, and it will be dated at the bottom of the page. We may change this privacy notice from time to time so please check for updates on this page each time you submit personal information.


9. Further questions about Ben Uri’s privacy policy

If you have any questions or can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.


Date created and modified

Document created: 4 July 2012

Date modified: 9 July 2020