• Anneli Bunyard, Woman of the Week
    Anneli Bunyard, unknown photographer, circa 1930s. Courtesy of Peter Bunyard

    Anneli Bunyard

    Woman of the Week

    Do you have any old family photographs sitting on your mantelpiece or stored in boxes? If yes then check the signature at the bottom of the photograph as it may be ‘Bunyard Ader’.

    Anneli Lerchental, born in Augsburg, Germany  immigrated to Britain in 1936 to escape Nazi tyranny. In 1938 she married designer Claud Bunyard. She was introduced to fellow German emigre Inge Ader and together they opened the Bunyard Ader photographic studio in London’s Finchley Road. 


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  • Liz Johnson Artur, Artist of the Week
    Liz Johnson Artur, Whitewall Magazine, Winner of Women in Motion Award 2021

    Liz Johnson Artur

    Artist of the Week

    Born 1964 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Liz Johnson Artur is an award winning photographer and filmmaker. Daughter of a Russian mother and a Ghananian father her parents split up when her mother, Nina, declined to move to Ghana with her husband. Single mothers in Bulgaria at this time risked having their children out into foster care, which was a non-starter for Nina. Their life stories of survival is remarkable enough until you then understand Liz’s extraordinary career.


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