Regard and Ritual: Julie Held and Shanti Panchal

Regard and Ritual: Julie Held and Shanti Panchal: Catalogue
Publisher: Ben Uri Gallery and Museum
ISBN-13: 978-0900157059
£ 5.00

This catalogue was produced for an exhibition held at Ben Uri in spring 2007. The exhibition provided the first opportunity for a critical and in-depth showing of the two artists' works side-by-side. Despite the apparent differences in their backgrounds, these two contemporary painters share many strands of commonality. Together, their work explores shared memory of a lost culture, alongside a vibrant celebration of a new home, of lyrical possibilities and hopes for the future. Co-curated by Rachel Dickson and Julia Weiner, this delightful exhibition has been captured through a concise exhibition catalogue, with its charming introduction by the curators. The publication contains essays by Rachel Dickson, Julia Weiner and Nicholas Usherwood, as well as 20 illustrations.