Mental Health: Over the past 10 years our pioneering Mental Health initiative has developed considerable weight. We have worked with university and medical professorial leaders in research and evaluation of our art programming to identify how most effectively we can engage with the growing 70+ demographic living often in social isolation and or with dementia.
We are ready to transform our programmes into films to maximise ready access to the demographic as a whole whether living at home or in care settings. Owing to Covid 19 access to older people is regularly restricted and central funding increasingly over-stretched. Transforming our current programmes into screen engagements is the most cost-effective means of accessing large numbers in need of constant mental stimulus. Our programmes measurably enrich older people’s mental health. We will be adding translations to these fully evaluated films for international engagement. The first will be Ukrainian as part of our commitment to adding stimulating engagement to refugees who seek refuge to this country and abroad. 1/3rd of our fast growing digital audience comes from abroad.