Artist and graphic designer Dan Reisinger was born into a Jewish family in Kanjiža, Serbia on 3 August 1934. Many of his family members perished in the Holocaust and in 1949 he immigrated to Israel with his mother and stepfather. In 1950 he was accepted for study at the Bezalel School of Art, Jerusalem – at that time, the youngest pupil - where his teachers were Mordecai Ardon, Isidor Ascheim and Jacob Steinhardt. He was awarded the Struck Prize in 1953. During mandatory service in the Israeli Air Force from 1954, he won the Israel Army Art Prize, became the art director of its books and other publications, and also attended a class on postage-stamp design taught by Abram Games, who became his mentor and friend. He first exhibited in Jerusalem in 1957, and later went to Brussels, where he held his first solo show the same year. In 1958, he won first prize in a poster competition for the International Science Pavilion at the Brussels World Fair and his first solo London exhibition of oi paintings, gouaches and drawings was held at Ben Uri Art Gallery in Portman Street in 1960. Between 1964 and 1966, he lived and worked in London, where he studied stage and three-dimensional design at the Central School of Art and Design and designed posters for Britain's Royal Mail, among other clients. In 1966, he returned permanently to Israel and established a studio in Tel Aviv and later in Giv'atayim. He also exhibited internationally in Amsterdam, New York and Haifa. Dan Reisigner died in Giv'atayim, Israel on 26 October 2019.