Whether you just want to meander or are looking to research, we have developed 4 different ways you can engage with over 700 exhibitions covering a century of Ben Uri in London.  


To explore our century of exhibitions in whichever format you fancy please click on the titles below.


Classic Exhibitions

Click title or scroll down and choose from 40 exhibitions. Please keep checking as we continue to curate and add new exhibitions. 


3D Virtual Galleries

2 years of partnership and development with Exhibbit.com has generated 40 exhibitions for you to select and enjoy. In each you can navigate your journey through replica virtual galleries, enjoying an authentic exhibition experience. This unique digital perspective allows the artwork to be seen in relative proportion and displayed so that each artwork's narrative is developed by the art that surrounds it. Please keep checking as we continue to curate and add new exhibitions. 


Issuu - full catalogue and text

This digital publishing platform allows us to share with you exhibitions presented as catalogues with full scholarly commentary and in some cases, the originally printed catalogues themselves. This platform is work in progress and we plan to produce some 25 different 'catalogues' for you to engage going forward so please keep checking.


Ben Uri Archive from 1925 to date

Since 2015 we have researched and chronicled our century of archives and listed every recorded Ben Uri exhibition since our first in 1925 which celebrated the opening of our first gallery in Great Russell Street in Bloomsbury just by the British Museum. We have created links from each exhibition to any related archival material identified to date. We have over 700 exhibitions to survey of which over 600 were Ben Uri curated. This extraordinary research resource is an ongoing project and is beng continually updated so please keep checking.